Friday, February 1, 2008


I read at the KGB in NYC with Erika Wurth the other night, so I have to tell you how it was. It was really good. We met a Native documentary film maker from the Southwest who currently lives in NYC. I enjoyed the aura of the bar. I was surprised people were so very attentive to our poetry! Since it was a bar I thought they would be drunk. Instead they were attentive and respectful. At least 20-25 people showed which is great.
The KGB bar is decorated with what appears Soviet Union decor. Pictures of Lenon and the other guy Stalin were hanging on the red walls; red flags and other communist regalia were a bit unnerving though somehow appropriate. Symbols of communism fallen were everywhere.

It seems we read in the red room since everything was red but I'm not sure that's what it was called. The KGB bar reading made me want to move to NYC. Afterwards we went somewhere else for more drinks. The price of the drinks was reasonable really. I find NYC prices to be okay actually. Finding a place to live is what sounds expensive, although my new apt. in Lafayette, CO (just outside Boulder) is only 100.00 cheaper than the one a woman lives somewhere near Harlem and the Upper East Side.