Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Juanes really hit the nail on the head with his new single "Odio por amor" and if the Obama people are on top of it they'll incorporate it into their message. Take a listen here.

Speaking of change

Just read Dagoberto Gilb's piece in Slate about Iowa cornfields. It reads like poetry and addresses the issue of change in the Americas.

Don Haskins memories

I, like everyone in El Paso, have Don Haskins stories and memories. I was sports editor at the UTEP newspaper during Timo's (pronounced TEE-MOE, Tim Hardaway) playing days. I got to see more of the basketball players then I really needed to in the locker room before their showers after the games. They'd yell, "woman, woman, woman" when we chicks walked in either as a warning or a signal. We got to see some interesting bare-assed dances, and thankfully Coach Haskins (always ahead of his time) realized that we reporter chicks were low on cash and couldn't properly tip our impromptu Chip-n-Dale dancers so he had the players meet all media outside of the locker room, before their showers.

I loved the movie "Glory Road" not for its historical accuracy (which plays loose with the facts as many Hollywood productions do) but for this solitary scene starring Coach Haskins. The young Haskins is talking from a telephone booth in the heart of New Jersey, you know, Jersey, the town where Joe Piscopo is from. And here is this supposedly Northern gas station attendant with a drawl so thick you crave a fresh from the comal tortilla for it...