Thursday, September 4, 2008

Breaking news....uh, to me, anyways

Taco shop that hit the spot for El Pasoans has closed

By Suzannah Gonzales | Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 02:28 PM

The taco shop formerly known as Chuco’s Tacos and more recently as 10th Street Tacos located in a yellow house on West 10th Street near North Lamar Boulevard has shut its doors for good, business co-owner David Sahagun confirmed today.

Sahagun declined to say why, citing an ongoing federal lawsuit filed in El Paso. Chico’s Tacos, an institution there, is alleging trademark infringement, saying that Chuco’s played off Chico’s with, among other things, its signature dish — rolled tacos in a special sauce, topped with shredded cheese, bright green salsa and served in a paper boat tray.

“I really can’t say anything right now,” Sahagun said.

The owners of Chuco’s hoped changing the name of the restaurant would help settle the matter.

For many El Pasoans living in Austin, the restaurant provided hometown-style comfort food without having to make the eight-plus hour drive.

Austin American-Statesman


I'm glad Suzannah is on top of this. I say this tongue-and-cheek but not really, if you know what I mean. I drove by Chuco's, ah, I mean 10th Street Tacos with a friend two weeks ago. We wanted to eat some Chico's and they were closed, they said it was for renovations. I was really jonseing too but, alas, we ate a healthy plate of plain ole veggie tacos at another place.

This kinda sucks. I dunno, I'm thinking it'll only help build Chico's reputation in El Paso. I guess the Mora's don't want to share the wealth that they worked so hard to build upon without getting a little piece. Franchise anyone?