Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brown Energy

Much like the newly developed chip that generates energy using body movement to power electronic devices, Latinos will power the workforce and recharge this country's birthrate. Here in Texas, Mexican-Americans are the fastest growing population.

Latinos account for 38 percent of the total population in the Lone Star State - growing by 42 percent, according to Census Bureau statistics. When looking at the schools, the Texas Education Agency reported that half of Texas' school children are Latino.

The University of Houston-Victoria not only understands this, but it realizes the far-reaching benefits something as basic as "exposing people to culture" will have on the future of Texas. This is why UHV's Centro Victoria is bringing in American writers, musicians and playwrights Jesus Treviño, Rolando Hinojosa, Davíd Garza and Josefina Lopez April 19-22 as part of a Community "Pachanga," or party. The center's purpose is to introduce Americans to the cultural and artistic contributions of the Mexican-American community in the United States.

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